Allie Tipton Bear-Queen of Western Networking
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Tuesday, February 06, 2018
By Kate Brown Photography
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Queen of Western Networking

"Allie Tipton Bear's wonderful smile and sparkly blue eyes light up an auction barn. It's the same broad grin she wears as she lopes along on a good horse helping her neighbors, customers, and friends gather cattle and rope calves..."

It was a pleasure and honor working with Allie Bear and Mary Branscomb to create such gorgeous art for this wonderful article in the spring edition of Range Magazine. Mary's words flow so beautifully and paints an incredible picture of Allie's life, personality, and work ethic. 

Allie brought along her daughters, Sissy and Dawn, to help with the horses. Little did they know we'd be creating some gorgeous portraits for their family!

A special "Thank You" to the wonderful Gallagher family for letting us use one of their beautiful ranches that offer a perfect backdrop of the Ruby Mountains.

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