Epic Lake Tahoe Engagement
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Thursday, November 09, 2017
By Kate Brown Photography
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Soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs. Warren Havens!

Warren and Sierra only lived a few streets away from each other as children in Spring Creek, Nevada. They attended the same engineering and business schools in Bozeman, Montana. Both attended the same handful of mine rescue competitions throughout the years.

It wasn't until Warren and Sierra were employed at the same mine did attraction mature into a relationship. Specifically, Sierra joined the mine's Safety Team, where Warren had already been an outstanding member for years.

When both Sierra and Warren were single, Warren jumped at the opportunity for some harmless flirting. It started with making fun of Sierra's naivety of the sweet jolly rancher smells coming from near the crusher during an area inspection... it turns out that the blue rooms had jolly rancher scent guards in them that day and Warren didn't miss the opportunity to leave several bags of the candy on Sierra's desk following the joke.

Sierra met Warren a few short days afterward their first date to help him with his powdercoating projects (a blue pedal car and some black porche parts). Warren believes this was the day that he knew he would marry Sierra.
He shortly asked Sierra about ring styles she liked. In the end, over 100 styles were chosen, with nothing very similar about any of them.
Shortly after celebrating New Years Eve in Reno, Nevada with friends, Warren explained to Sierra that he believed the ring should be custom-made. 

The Epic Proposal at Sand Harbor Beach in Lake Tahoe


Sierra knew something was going on. Warren was planning an impromptu visit to Lake Tahoe, Nevada - one of Sierra’s favorite locations. He booked a room at the Hyatt and reserved dinner for two. He packed a suit and requested that Sierra pack a dress. There was no proposal that night. 

In hindsight they like to laugh about how fancy it all was. The expensive room, the expensive meal, the champagne and flutes that accompanied everything... the atmosphere during dinner was awkward, the service wasn’t the best, and the only great part of the night was the company they had with each other.

The next morning Warren wanted Sierra to show him Sand Harbor, the beach Sierra typically goes to enjoy the sun at Tahoe. While jumping around the beach’s rocks, pregnant, Warren grabbed Sierra’s butt cheek while climbing off the rocks onto the beach. Sierra kept climbing and responded “booty, booty, booty”... he pinched again so that she would finally turn around to see him on one knee, with the ring that was designed just for them. There were tears, smiles and selfies. Of course Sierra said, “Yes”.

-Warren & Sierra,

Your love story is absolutely incredible. I am so honored to be working with you throughout the year and capturing it as it unfolds! The experience with you two at Lake Tahoe is one I'll never forget. Thank you for sharing this intimate spot that means so much to you two! Now, let's get planning!

The Ring

Warren and Sierra decided to go with Green Lake Jewelry for their custom-designed ring. Their artist, Sophia, worked with Warren to make sure ever design element they liked was included in the ring. 

The ring is beyond anything Sierra expected. It is truly unique, one-of-a-kind, and breathtakingly gorgeous. Also, the fact that they got to follow the artistry and completion of the ring from the original design to the platinum stock, to the finished product is in itself memorable. 
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