Gallagher Wedding Engagement
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Wednesday, July 12, 2017
By Kate Brown Photography
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Soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs. Casey Gallagher

Although we both grew up here, me on the Mary's river ranch (a Wright on mom's side) and him on his family's ranch in Lamoille and at the Gallagher Ford dealership, we never really met until college at UNR. I think we were introduced once at the Eureka County Fair when we were about 17, but it wasn't storybook. We both thought we were way too cool, him being State FFA President and me being a collegiate runner. We got over that pretty fast. We dated part of our freshman year of college and were on and off for the last 8 years. We both left, we both came back, we tried being friends, but that never worked. Two years ago he thought he'd lost me for good and I told him I wasn't coming back. This is when he pulled off what he calls his biggest sales pitch yet. He convinced me he'd settle down if I'd give him one more chance... and I did because it was always him. He's never made me regret that or question it and now we are getting married!

-Casey & Rachel, it's been incredible getting to know you over the past few months and document your love story. Thanks for making my job unbelievable easy! Your wedding day will be absolutely gorgeous!

The ring!!!

The stone was Casey's paternal grandmother's and Rachel had it set by the jeweler that taught Rachel how to make jewelry. He created the setting from their ideas. The original band that the stone was in will still be included and kept as Rachel's wedding band!

Plus, check out Rachel's custom hat, a gift from Casey from who else but the incredible talent over at J.M. Capriola's in Elko.

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Kate Brown - Thank you so much, Tana! They were incredible to work with. The weather was perfect and the views were extraordinary! I am looking forward to October!
Tana - Awesome, awesome, awesome! Beautiful photos Kate. These two have had an exciting romance with a little drama - sounds like a fairy tale!
Amanda Mason - Well you know I'm just crazy about the both of you and the photo's are absolutely breathtaking! Congratulations and best wishes always
aunt carol - over the top lovely photos and all my best wishes to you two darlins' !