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Sunday, October 07, 2018
By Kate Brown Photography
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I had the pleasure of sitting down with Renee, owner of I Do Event Planning here in Elko over coffee this month to talk more about her business and the wonderful services she offers local brides. Renee can do it all, from full event planning to just helping relieve the stress off of you, your fiancé, and your family while planning one of the most important days in your life. No matter how many Pinterest boards you read or how many married women you have helping you choose the perfect details for your wedding day, there's always something that can be missed. That's where a full service wedding planner and coordinator is there to help you on your journey! Let's chat with Renee of I Do Event Planning!

What does a free consultation entail?

When someone reaches out to me I always like to meet them in person over coffee. I have contact with my brides for many months so an in-person meeting allows us to get to know each other and make sure we mesh well. I get to understand the vision they have for their wedding day and it allows me to quote them appropriately for the services they choose.

Why should a newly engaged couple hire you for your services?

Hiring a wedding planner is becoming more and more popular and there is a reason for it. You spend thousands of dollars and several months, if not years, planning this day. It must go as planned, and that’s why you should hire me. When you hire me my main goal is to make your event stress free. I have heard of floral being forgotten after they had paid thousands on it. I have heard of people not being able to cut their wedding cake because they ran out of time. With me as your planner and coordinator I assure you that will never happen. You don’t want to remember the day you have waited your whole life for as a stressful event to plan and for your wedding day to come and it not go as you had planned. I will save you time, pass on any vendor discounts, and help you with everything in between.

What's your favorite part of the wedding day?

My absolute favorite part of the wedding day are the vows. I have had several weddings where I get goosebumps during a couples’ vows. During that moment, when I see two people so in love, I can’t help but to think of how much I love my job. A close second is when it’s all said and done and the last table is loaded. It’s bitter-sweet. All of the work has paid off, I don’t get to have as much contact with the couple but a friendship is forever built with my clients. I get reassured by guests for a job done well and my clients let me know that they wouldn’t have been able to do it without me. It is a great feeling to relieve people on what would otherwise be a stressful day.

Do you have a favorite client love story?

That’s a hard one. It’s always so fun to get to know when they met and how they fell in love. Standing out to me right now is a couple that met at a gallery art show. Individually, they are both extremely intriguing, artistic, and unique. They both made me want to get to know them more and more. As a couple, they were everything! I’m not sure if I’ve seen two people more in love in my life. I was honored, every step of the way, to help them with their wedding. They carried a lot of unique, artistic ideas into their wedding and it was so fun to do something new and different.

What are your packages?

I offer four packages and a few add on services. Each of my packages are fully customizable.

-My most popular package is Partial Planning. Partial Planning is for those couples that want to be pretty involved in the process of it all. They’re my clients that want to pick out and order décor, choose their own floral, have a few vendors contracted already, their date set, and know what their colors are. Others that choose Partial Planning are those that come to me when the stress is kicking in! These couples are typically just a few months out and have several things checked off the to-do list but there are still several things to be done. Partial Planning includes wedding rehearsal and Day of Coordination.

-Full Planning is my zero stress for you and your family package! I love when a client chooses Full Planning for an event because I get to take their ideas and turn it into a perfect surprise for my clients. Some couples choose to be a little more involved in Full Planning and like to make final selections. In Full Planning, anything and everything that you would otherwise have to do, I do! These things include: ordering, storing, transporting décor, vendor contact, searching, and booking, venue tours and selection, appointment scheduling, linen ordering, folding of napkins, invitation design, hotel accommodations, welcome baskets, wedding website... everything! Full Planning includes wedding rehearsal and Day of Coordination.

-Day of Coordination is an option for people that have the wedding planning from the number of seats per table to who’s making the centerpieces decided. Day of Coordination, in my opinion, is an absolute must for any large event. I become the contact person, not you, which means no stress for you! I show vendors where to set up, answer any vendor questions, keep a timeline, make sure everything runs smoothly, heavily communicate with the DJ, videographer, and photographer, cut the wedding cake, collect your gifts and cards, gather items left behind, etc.. Having a coordinator at your event allows you to have more time with your guests and cuts out a lot of stress on you. The Day of Coordination package includes wedding rehearsal where I time walks, answer any bridal party questions, show standing and placement, and you get to walkthrough with your officiant.

-Venue Showing is my last package that I offer. This is a package for couples whose date I’m already booked and for couples who don’t want a wedding planner or coordinator but don’t know what options are around for venues. I’ve had several inquiries about “Is there is a place in the area to get married?” There absolutely is, there are several! We really do have great options for people that want indoor and outdoor weddings and I think our area is a beautiful place to have a wedding. If you’re unsure of venues, I’d love to show you a few!

-Add on services: full set up, partial set up, full tear down, partial tear down, delivery and guided delivery of rentals.

What is your pricing structure?

I don’t have set pricing because no two weddings are ever the same. My pricing structure is based on time frame, location, complexity, budget, and guest count. After I meet with a potential client I send a custom quote within seven days but the first meeting and the quote is always free.

Do you have any tips for the bride?

Of course! Tip #1 call me-I’ll handle the rest!

Any frequently asked questions?

Questions I get all the time are about the bridal party.

“Does the bridal party have to be even?”
“I have 8 girls, he has 2 guys, is that okay?”
“I don’t really want him in the wedding but I was in his, what should I do?”

It is an extreme privilege to be a part of someone’s bridal party. I always advise my couples to only ask people to be in their wedding if they are truly close family or friends. You want people standing up there with you that will still be just as close, if not closer with you in 30 years. If (hopefully not) in 30 years you and your spouse start to have problems your bridal party is supposed to be the group of people you, as a couple, lean on for support. These are the people who won’t choose sides and who are always Team Groom & Bride. Choose the people you need there, even if that means the numbers aren’t even.

Thank you so much for learning about I DO Event Planning. Please, if you have any questions let me know. I’d love to help you.

Planning and coordinating for any event. Let’s make your event stress free!

Your Planner,
Renee Colby

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