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Friday, February 16, 2018
By Kate Brown Photography
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Soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs. Brandon Hiler

How We Met

Brandon and I met while we were both attending Spring Creek High School. For me it was love at first sight. For Brandon it was the exact opposite. The year we met we were in the same algebra class. Brandon could not stand me for always having my homework done and being a good student.
A year later, we shared a Spanish class. It was during this time that Brandon started to realize I was not as bad as he thought and he started to like me back. But he was still too shy to ask me out right away. After a couple weeks his best friend Jorey started to get involved. Jorey began coming up to me trying to get me to ask Brandon out, or to at least get Brandon talking to me. However, Brandon would go so far as to drive away and avoid me. Jorey never gave up and so I decided to start talking to Brandon in class whenever possible. Eventually Brandon got comfortable enough with me to message me on Facebook and ask for my number. Luckily, soon after we began dating.

The Proposal

Every year Brandon and I go out to the Palisade area just south of Carlin, where we have our initials carved into a rock, marking another year. Nov. 23, 2017 marked 6 years for us and so prior to celebrating Thanksgiving with our families we took our usual trip to Palisade. This time when we got to the rock, Brandon had carved a hole large enough to fit the ring box below our initials. At first I did not even notice the box and just sat waiting for Brandon to start carving the year. But instead of doing just that, Brandon walked over to the rock, pulled out the box, got down on one knee, and here we are today planning our special day, Aug. 11, 2018. It was the perfect proposal, secluded and romantic in our spot, but also gave us the opportunity to share the news with our family the same day.

-Brandon & Cassaundra, I am beyond excited to be on this incredible journey with you two! The love you two have for one another makes my job super easy! I think hay bale leaping could definitely be made a sport! Thank you for allowing me to document your love at one of the most gorgeous ranches I've ever been to! I cannot wait for your perfect wedding day!


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