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Tuesday, June 19, 2018
By Kate Brown Photography
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Soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs. Homan!

We met at work in 2015 with us giving each other hell in passing. Both of us assuming the other was seeing someone else. Every time I saw him I would call him a slacker and he would just walk by and say some smart ass comment. After finally realizing neither of us was seeing anyone else because eventually that was asked, we exchanged numbers and talked here and there.

We began dating in May of 2016. We took our time before we thought it was a good idea to introduce my daughter and Andrew. She took to him relatively quickly and he wasn't sure how to take on a role he had no clue about. Eventually, they got it figured out and we became a normal family for the most part.

We were looking to build a home at the beginning of 2017 when we found out I was pregnant with our son. We were all very excited!

We had our house built in Spring Creek. I think about a month before he asked me to marry him, he asked our daughter if it was ok for him to marry her mommy. She was thrilled and said yes and then without skipping a beat asked, "Ok, so you're going to ask now?". I guess it was a lot of work for him to get her to understand not right now but soon. Then he coached her for a week before he planned on asking me on how to hold the phone and record the proposal. Granted this girl has never kept a secret from me and I am still shocked she was able to keep this from me.

In June during our last walk through inspection of the house, Andrew had asked me to marry him while we were in our house. Our little girl recording, smiling from ear to ear, she took a really good video to boot! After I said yes, he told me why he chose to do it at our house. It was because he wanted to start our lives together as a family with a good memory of our new home.

Now just bit over 2 years together, 2 kids, a new home, and we look forward to spending our days together as husband and wife.


- Andrew & Kimber, I am beyond excited to capture your love story as it unfolds this year! You two were absolutely amazing to work with! Your wedding is going to be perfect!

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