What to wear and how to make the most out of your portrait experience
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Friday, April 21, 2017
By Kate Brown Photography
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What to wear and how to make the most out of your custom portrait experience!

Choosing what to wear to your portrait session can be overwhelming. Working with Kate Brown Photography means that we are with you from beginning to end.  Not only do we help you with choosing the perfect location for your session, we're also here to help you choose what to wear.  Together, we will work to create a plan for capturing the images you've been dreaming of. Here are some tips on what to wear and how to make the most of your session.


  • KEEP IT SIMPLE & COMFORT IS KEY – The number one most important thing is that everyone is comfortable in what they are wearing. No one enjoys wearing a garment that is too tight or itchy.  Keeping it simple also means sticking to just a few colors and pieces that you feel good wearing. That's not to say that you can't wear that dress you bought just for pictures (if you're a jeans gal) or bring a pair of high heels for a few quick shots. We just don't want you to be uncomfortable during your shoot. It can portray in your images and can make the session itself unpleasant. Sometimes when we look at an image, we don't see what is, we see what we felt. Feeling comfortable and beautiful during your session will make you fall in love with your images in a different way.
  • THINK ABOUT HOW YOU WILL USE THESE IMAGES – Consider what kind of look you want for these photos.  If your plan is to hang a 20×30” wall art piece in your living room or a wall gallery of framed prints, be sure the wardrobe and color scheme you choose goes well with the colors, style and interior of your house.   While bright colors are always fun, I do recommend soft neutrals more often because they are classic and timeless, and will look good in almost any home.
  • COLOR SCHEMES – Choose a color scheme that will be complemented by the session location.  Most of our outdoor sessions are at beautiful local ranches with open fields, mountains, trees, and barn wood. We love turquoise and purples.  These color schemes are soft and neutral and look great as well:  blues, cream/white, grays and browns / gray, blush, blues and browns / blues, mustard yellow, brown and cream / blue, cream and yellow.  It’s always a good idea to stick to 3-4 colors at most to coordinate outfits without being too matchy-matchy.
  • WHAT TO AVOID – Stay away from too much black and stark white, green (if we're shooting in the spring/summer months), busy patterns and logos, flip flops, athletic tennis shoes (Converse and Vans are awesome), brand new haircuts, and spray tans.
  • SAY YES TO…..Denim, subtle stripes, plaid, polka dots, layers, cardigans, jean jackets, and scarves.
  • SHOES MATTER – We personally think boots go with almost anything, besides swimming shorts, that's a little weird. Dress up with heels, Converse, Vans, or fancy sandals.
  • ACCESSORIZE –Adding a necklace or changing up your earrings can make a big difference and offer variety. Hats can be an incredible accessory as well. Scarfs, belts, and other quick add ons are great to have on hand for a quick addition to your images.
  • HAIR & MAKE UP – If it fits into your budget, we highly recommend taking the time to have professional hair and make up done. We have some incredible recommendations. If you work with an MUA and/or hair stylist, communication is key.  Be sure to show them a photo of how you would like your make-up and hair to look.
  • MAKING THE MOST OF YOUR SESSION – The week of your session, be sure to lay out your outfits and grab a few things here and there to make sure you've brought all you needed. Of course make sure to be on time as we're on the clock of the sun. There's nothing worse than rushing yourself and feeling we need to rush the session. This should be a fun and relaxed experience for you to laugh and show off the love you have for one another. Let your guard down and let me capture the real “you”. Play, giggle, and at times act like I'm not there at all.
  • SESSION STRATEGY – In our phone conversation, we'll discuss what kind of images are desired, location, and wardrobe.  We will also talk about how you would like to your images displayed, what areas of your home you may like to have designed with a collage, as well as any questions or concerns you may have. The more we know the better prepared we are. Communication is key.

Thanks for reading!

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