Why an UNplugged Wedding Ceremony
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Friday, March 31, 2017
By Kate Brown Photography
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Imagine walking down the aisle or standing at the front of the aisle and you cannot see your fiancee.

All of your guests are standing in your honor. As you look around smiling at everyone that came to show their love and support you can't help but notice Uncle Bob leaning in the isle to capture an image of you, your cousin has a large iPad in her face, one of your close friends isn't even looking at you, but their cell phone. Your mom is straining to look around the many cell phones, iPads, and other devices just to see her baby girl walking with her dad.

This wasn't the moment you thought it would be, people seemed more interested in taking pictures than being present in the moment with you.


How do I get my family and friends to understand I want to have them not breaking out their cameras and cell phones during the ceremony? Let’s be honest, posting a sign or making an announcement on their own doesn’t necessarily work. So what can you do?


Tell them Early

When sending out wedding invitations and creating your wedding site, communicate about the expectation upfront. You can include the request for the ceremony to be camera-free in there. You can easily replicate this on your wedding site as well.

Use Your Parents-Regulators!

Have your parents reiterate the use of no devices at the ceremony. Sometimes it just comes off a little more serious when coming from your mother or grandmother!

Be Repetitive

On the day of your wedding you have a sign as people enter the ceremony space that asks the guests to put their cameras and phones away and turned off. In case they missed it, include it again in your program. You can also ask the officiant to announce that this will be an unplugged ceremony as well.


At the end of the day, I realize that it is impossible to get everyone to comply. But if you follow these steps I bet you will be pleasantly pleased to see how many people put down their cell phone and truly enjoy your wedding ceremony with you.

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