Meet Kate

Photo by Light Chaser Photography

As a member of PPA (Professional Photographers of America) I am constantly continuing my education to help better serve potential clients. I love traveling to WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) down in Las Vegas to test my skills in front of the best wedding and high school senior photographers in the industry. I always look forward to the WPPI convention and come back with a great sense of urgency to offer my clients something great each year.

I've recently been coached by some of the best high school senior photographers during an incredible Seniors Ignite event photographing seniors from We Are The Seen magazine. I am currently training with some of the best photographers that offer a full service photography experience from the pre-consultation to a thoroughly guided in person sale that helps clients through the entire ordering process with confidence and ease. 

I grew up in northern Nevada and absolutely love it here. I love being able to travel just a few miles outside of town and see nothing but mountains and sagebrush. Beauty is all around us, whether it's an old ghost town or wildflowers growing in a field. I love being able to capture the many different personalities of Nevada. 

Sports was my first passion. I enjoyed playing basketball and softball growing up and continue to play softball with the local organization. I transitioned into coaching right out of high school and have loved teaching the fundamentals of sports to kids.

I officially met my incredible husband in 2008 and have created a life, love and business with the help of him by my side. He and his family introduced me to the ranch lifestyle and I fell in love. I enjoy being outdoors and helping out especially during branding season with family and friends. I've adopted the rustic feel of the ranch life in my photography. I feel at home in a pair of jeans and boots. 

The undeniable love my husband shows for me every day makes me believe in true love and I adore capturing the couples that posses the same feeling in my photography. As a photographer specializing in weddings, my goal is to document your love, passion and emotion in a natural way.

As your photographer, I don't want you to just be a client, but a friend. When you are able to let your guard down I get to see the love you have and that glow you get from looking into each others eyes. I am able to capture your story and let it become a memory for you and future generations to look back on.

Kate Brown