Cutting costs for your Wedding Day
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Wednesday, September 19, 2018
By Kate Brown Photography & I Do Event Planning
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Tips for cutting costs on your Wedding Day

Once you start planning your wedding, you may quickly realize how expensive this day may be, even if you’re trying to make it as budget-friendly as possible.

Here are a few ways to cut costs without making a difference to your wedding day.

  • Send save the dates to out of town family- Save the dates became popular in the mid-2000's. Save the dates can be a great way to communicate your website address to your guests at an early time, so they can have easy access to updated wedding details as they become available. If you are looking to cut costs, consider sending out your Save the date cards to just out of town guests. All other close guests can be notified about your date from your family and receive their formal invitation in the mail 6-8 weeks before your wedding date. Looking to have custom Save the date cards created? Check out this incredible blog!
  • Cut the bridal party back- The more people you invite to be part of the bridal party, the more expensive it can be for you. Traditionally, the Bride & Groom purchase the floral and attire for the bridal party which can get spendy quick. Cutting your bridal party by two or four can make a difference on your budget. Some Bridesmaids and Groomsmen have purchased their own attire (which will save you hundreds). If that's the case, maybe think about letting the Bridesmaids choose between a few dresses you love so they can wear the dress again after your wedding. Check out I DO Event Planning’s FAQ to see who should be in your bridal party.

  • Less cake- If there is one thing leftover at a wedding, its cake! Crazy to think, but so many people don’t eat cake at a wedding. Have you eaten cake at a wedding? Did you eat all of your piece? Have your wedding planner cut your cake into smaller pieces and order a cake for less than the RSVP number. Another, less expensive option, is to do a dessert, like cupcakes or donuts. Those are typically cheaper than cake and the Bride & Groom can have a small anniversary cake for themselves.


  • Kegs & wine- If you are trying to cut costs, eliminate an open bar immediately! Having a self-serve bar with a couple of kegs and a bottle or two of wine on the tables will be plenty. If you want to have hard alcohol, think about having a pre-mixed container of your favorite drink. All of your bar expenses will be made ahead of time this way, too. If you decide to do a cash bar (guests buy their own drinks) consider including that information on your wedding website or even on the invitation with something like: “Reception to Follow- Cash Bar”.

  • No favors- If there is something leftover, it's cake and favors. A favor like a wine topper, picture frame of the Mr. & Mrs, etc. is only about $1.50 but once you times that by all of your guests you’re looking at $225.00 down the drain. The people that do take them will end up throwing them away because they break, or let’s be honest, they have no need for a 1” picture frame of you and your spouse two years after your wedding date.

*If you do decide to have favors, which is still pretty common, try thinking of useful favors that are still budget-friendly and guests can use or have for a long time like apple seeds or a jar of homemade jelly.



QUICK TIP: Count on about 75% of the guests you invite actually attend

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